Saturday, 29 November 2008

CCK08 - The end?

CCK08 Friday Daily: "So this is it: the last regular newsletter, the last discussion, the last day of our online course".
The end of the 12th week and of the course ... but I have remained at the 8th week: my last post is dated 2 November. I didn't found time during these weeks ... sorry :-(

I have enrolled myself in the course because of its free/flexible nature, knowing that enrolling myself I didn't take out possibilities to others.
I've read interesting materials/discussions and I had some interesting hints on which to reflect. Thus many thanks to George and Stephen. I hope you will leave the course materials available in the next months.

As for me. Opened this English blog for the CCK08 course, I'll go on posting on it.

I have been involved in an European project, TeNeGen, and I'll use in that project something that I have learned in this course. I will share in this blog TeNeGen's ideas and results.

I'm flying tomorrow to Guadalajara, Mexico, where I have been invited to speech about "The Future of Education" in the XVII Encuentro International de Education a Distancia, organised by the Guadalajara Virtual University. I'll tell you about the conference.

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