Sunday, 12 October 2008

cck08 - week 5 - "Groups & networks" ... but I speak about school-uniforms

Oops. It seems that I'm not a well-behaved student ☹.
It's Sunday evening and, during this week, I have never attended the course. I have read just now the posts in the Italian Community.
I'm not in the condition to write anything on the theme of the week.

But an answer by Jenny Mackness to my previous post - she says: "We (teachers) will need to rethink our role" - gives me the cue for sharing an idea coming to me from this photo (not a new idea, just a new visualisation).

The schoolmistress on the right is my grandmother, Maria, in the school year 1925/26. I used this photo for a polemical post, on my Italian blog, towards the Italian Ministry of Education, who would like to reintroduce the use of "grembiulini" (school-uniforms) for the schoolchildren (and unfortunately that is not her worse measure).
Watching the photo I thought that my grandmother was able to handle all the communication tools at a level higly superior then the lovely little girls in their white uniforms. She was higly superior to them in using the pen and the ink, books, the enciclopedia, newspapers … she was native in all such technologies. I don't know if she was native also on regard of the crystal radioset … but anyway, children were not allowed to use it!

Obviously, things are changed.

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