Wednesday, 24 September 2008

cck08 - Week 3 - Connections in a small world

CCK08 Moodle is where I have posted the comment that I reproduce here.

Mária Hartyányi - from Hungary - answering to my post Week 1 - What is Connectivism? (2) added a comment "we are already twofold connected: a friend of mine (Istvan Bessenyei, how takes part in TENEGEN too) some days ago met with your fellow in Italy! We are all connected? Or would be the world really so small?".

George has now mentioned the same question in his presentation "Introduction to networks": slide 5, "Small world". He has cited the Six degrees of separation (see on Wikipedia): everyone is an average of six "steps" away from each person on Earth.

I like the tool offered by ClustrMaps. You can see, on my blog, the Map of the people who have connected:
Nice to see the growth of red points from new countries.

I have known Maria - till now only virtually, not face2face - because she has contacted me as coordinator of the SLOOP project, an European funded project, on the sharing of open/free LOs. She intended to present to the European Commission a new project - TENEGEN, that has been approved and will start in a few days - based on SLOOP results.
I'm fashinated to see the ClustrMap of the connection to the SLOOP site (after the formal end of the project, I didn't know the tool before):

Can I suggest Stephen and George to add a ClusterMap to the CCK08 site? or to our CCK08 Moodle?


Downes said...

I am not a fan of things like ClusterMap because they create an extra delay in the page load.

Also, ClusterMap isn't so useful in soemthing that is as distributed as CCK08. There is no on site that everyone visits.

pierfranco ravotto said...

Hi Stephen
you are right. The extra delay is a problem, also if I have not noted significant delay on my blog.

I think it's an interesting way to know from how people connects to your site. It could not be the case of the cck08 course where I suppose you know from where the participants are.

Saša said...

Hi Pierfranco!
ClustrMaps are fun. I used one on my class blog, just to show students there's audience out there other than just me and them. Warmly, Saša

pierfranco ravotto said...

Hi Saša
a good idea :-)