Thursday, 11 September 2008

cck08 - Week 1 - What is Connectivism? (2)

Many years ago - 25? 30? - I read somewhere the expression "cognitive matrix". From then on, I think to my knowledge as a net of connections amongst information, concepts, stories, … I imagine it like in this figure

but tridimensional.
(I haven't studied neurophisiology: may be it corresponds to real links between neurons).

As I have written in the previous post, I feel to have learnt something when a new bit of information links in my mind to one of more of pre-existing nodes. Generally it's only a question of new nodes and connections. But sometimes happens that new nodes and their connections cause a reorganization of the matrix so that it has a new shape.
It has happened in my mind, for example, with the introduction of the open source concepts. They linked not only to pre-existing ideas related to computers, but also to economy, ethics, politics, ecology … in this way creating connections amongst nodes previously unconnected. My ideas on copyright and intellectual property changed and new ideas - sharing learning materials and cooperate in their production - grew in my mind.

This is the way I think my own mind. When I firstly heard "connectivism" - very few months ago - it sounded me very familiar.
To the question "what is connectivism?" I should answer: the way my mind works.


Matthias Melcher said...

I like your diagram and your description. Compared to my own one it illustrates much better the dynamics of rearranging and growth, while I was obviousy still too much trapped in tree structures of branches and leaves.

HM said...

I really enjoye your way of thinking presented here Pierfranco, I am happy to have the possibility to work with you in Tenegen project! I try to follow this course, but sorry, these days do not allow to much time to me to spend here.
But to add a chip to your discussion: we are already twofold connected: a friend of mine (Istvan Bessenyei, how takes part in TENEGEN too) some days ago met with your fellow in Italy! We are all connected? Or would be the world really so small?

pierfranco ravotto said...

Hi Matthias, thanks for your comment. Your diagram is very interesting.

Hi Maria
Yes. World it's, now, really so small. Too small if we look at this question from the point of view of life sustainability. Better, if we look at it ... What an idea: it could be the subject for a new post. I'll write it now.