Thursday, 11 September 2008

cck08 - Week 1 - What is Connectivism? (1)

In the last 3 days, the very first ones of the cck08 course, I have attended the Word Computer Congress in Milan. Interesting experience.
I'm starting a collaboration with AICA (an Italian Informatics Society) on the EUCIP certification. Thus I've attended the 5 sessions of the conference "ICT Professionalism and Competences". They are new matters for me.
The speeches were, for me, a flow of bits of information, often a simple flow of words. An experience very different from the one I normally have in conferences on eLearning, or in school teaching, that are my fields. Difficult to understand the meaning of a speech, its relevance, to make comparisons, …
Sometimes a light: a match - a link - with ideas (concepts, stories, theories, …) in my brain. When a connection appears, things start to have a meaning. My knowledge begins to growth.

"What is connectivism?" I'm not sure to be able to answer. I can ask: "Is this one?".

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