Wednesday, 17 September 2008

CCK08 - Last reflections on the first week

CCK08 is now in its second week. But let me dwell a little bit upon the first one.
As all the participants, I have experienced a tide of nodes, deeply over individual possibilities of connections.
The course appears to have such a chaotic structure as the life has. Billions of connections could be set (in the life, at the moment in the cck08 course they are just a bit less), but we are able to set only few of them. What connections we establish, it's a question of choices and a question of chance. That way in the life, the same in the learning.
Thus I picked up here and there.

Being our Italian CCK08 community (LTever) not too extended I have read all the messages of my fellows.
Andreas - Let’so go for a walk in a wood and relax - has contributed to avoid my puzzling for the "chaos".
Silvana - Reflections on week 1 readings - speacking about "responsability" in learning has proposed the story of a mullah.
Emanuela - Week1- II part - proposes the extremely connections of her students (she is a P.E. teacher) when playing a team sport.
Antonio - A day of ordinary connectivism - tells us a story about connectivism: the one of his activities on 12th September from 7.30 to about 8.00; a story of a solution of a problem thanks to connections/networks.
Carlo's comments - Berlusconi, cognitivism and connectivism - start from a groundless but accepted statement of our premier, Mr Berlusconi.
I have referred - see the two previous posts in this blog - to how I feel my mind.

No one of us has faced the question - what is connectivism - from a theorical point of view but proposing connections to stories and experiences.

And now: I'll try to start with the second week activities :-)

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